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B2Green Ceiling Fan

Drop Grid Ceiling Fan

Use ceiling fans in offices in order to save energy. Our B2Green fans can be used either as a great and reliable alternative to air-conditioning or as a supplemental product to substantially reduce air-conditioning running costs.

Cavitcleaner Cavitation Remover

Cavitation Cleaning System

A unique cavitation cleaning system which enables crew to clean a yacht's hull and underwater parts without placing the vessel in dry dock, saving both time and money.

Luci Inflatable Solar-Powered LED Lantern

Inflatable Solar-Powered LED Lantern

Luci is a solar power portable LED Lamp/lantern that is built for adventure and emergencies. Lightweight, waterproof and super bright, it collapses down to just 1 inch, giving you plenty of room for all your camping, hiking, climbing, kayaking or do-anything gear. Extremely durable and completely solar powered, Luci is game for anything, no matter how far off the grid you go or how dark your surrounding is.

Maspro Analog/Digital TV Antenna

Analog / Digital TV Antenna

Maspro has more than 61 years of history as a leading manufacturer in Japan of solutions that provide the best equipment and systems for TV reception. Maspro supplies not only commodities but also provides the best condition for TV reception for viewers in some fringe areas where TV signal is hard to be reached behind buildings, mountainous region etc.

Naqwa Drinking Water Recovery

Drinking Water Recoverer

Naqwa® water recoverer provides top quality drinking water recovery at the level which combines two basic types of water recovery - the purification from bacteria and other contaminants as well as the physical and informational water restructuring. NAQWA® water recoverer is a nano sieve.

Noke Smart Padlock

Smart Bluetooth Padlock

Nokē is a padlock you unlock with your smartphone, eliminating the hassle and frustration of lost keys and forgotten combinations. Works with iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones that include Bluetooth 4.0. Easily share access to your Nokē with others via the Nokē app. Track who, when and where Nokē was used.

Pestrol Mosquito Exterminator

Mosquito Exterminator

Pestrol Outdoor Exterminator Mosquito Trap eliminates mosquitoes, flies, moths, beetles, wasps, and other flying pests from your outdoor as well as indoor living spaces. This system is safe for indoor use, and it eliminates insects without adding chemicals to the environment or the surrounding areas of usage.

TuffDirt Multipurpose Cleaner

Multipurpose Cleaner

TuffDirt is our multi-purpose, all-around cleaner that will help you clean anything within your household.


Graffiti Remover

No more problems with graffitis on your walls or in your fences. You now have Tuff Graffiti to aid you in keeping your walls clean and neat as you want.

TuffGrease Grease Remover

Grease Remover

Hard to remove grease, beware! With Tuff Grease, your problems with hard-to-remove grease are solved. With our formula placed on Tuff Grease, removing them will be as easy as 1...2...3!


Rust Remover

TuffRust is an amazing rust remover which is utilized to remove rust by most of the local household nowadays. It is safe and so easy to use.

Tuff Odor

Odor Remover

TUFF ODOR is a 100% organic & water-based liquid concentrate that eliminates bad odor by killing unwanted germs and bacteria.