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  • Noke Padlock - 2nd Gen
    <small>A smart padlock that unlocks with your smartphone via bluetooth, eliminating the hassle of keys and forgotten combinations forever. Noke smart-locks make security convenient. Open Noke with your Bluetooth device and share access with friends and family by sending virtual keys in the Noke app.</small>

Bluetooth: 4.0

Battery: 2032 coin cell battery

Shackle: 8mm diameter


iOS: iPhone 4s or newer

Android: Devices with BT 4.0 or higher running Android (4.4) or higher

Windows Phone: Devices with BT 4.0 and Windows 10 or higher

• Manage multiple locks.

• Easily share access with friends.

• Monitor where, when and who accessed your lock.

• View map of where your Noke has been accessed.

• Weather Resistant

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