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    <small>NAQWA® SWR is made of materials approved for contact with drinking water,  migration rate of any substances from NAQWA SWR materials into water does not exceed the established norms. During purification the risk of mixture of purified and contaminated water is practically eliminated due to the special structure of NAQWA® SWR.
                                NAQWA® SWR is very easy and convenient to use at home, and it is indispensable particularly outdoors (travelling, fishing, hunting, expedition), as well as in emergency situations. Small size and light weight of NAQWA® SWR make it universal for both in and outdoor use.</small>

NAQWA® SWR Cartridge (1) is a track membrane located inside a soft bag which serves as an external preliminary filtering bag ( the bag retains mechanical particles, ooze, tangle, etc). The track membrane located inside the external bag is welded up along its perimeter and fitted with a coupling for release of the recovered drinking water through the soft outlet tube (2) connected to the coupling. The track membrane is wrapped around a metallic stainless frame. The frame provides rigidity to the cartridge and keeps it immersed in water in vertical position.


    NAQWA® SWR operation

  • 1. Prepare a container for recovered drinking water (4) (a drinking water vessel, a plastic bottle with a cut top, a suitable package, etc.).
  • 2. Fill the raw water container (2) with raw water and locate it 30-100 cm higher than the container for recovered drinking water (4).
  • 3. Take NAQWA® SWR out of the transportation case and remove the tube plug (5) from the outlet tube (3).
  • 4. Immerse NAQWA® SWR cartridge (1) into the raw water container (2), keeping the free end of the outlet pipe (3) off the container.
  • 5. Lightly suck the air out of the outlet tube, the purification process will start within 5 seconds. If the air is not sucked out of the outlet tube the cartridge will get soaked up with the raw water by itself and the purification process will begin in 10-15 minutes.
  • 5.1. Suck out the air with the start up 50 ml syringe (supplied optionally). The cartridge (1) should be fully submersed in the water.
  • 6. Place the free end of the outlet tube into the container for he recovered drinking water (4).
  • NOTE: At the beginning the recovered drinking water will flow as a current the intensity of which may decrease with time and after a while NAQWA® SWR will start operating in its normal “drop-by-drop” mode.


The main advantage of our product is that to the date it is the only on the world market track membrane water filter of the safest "open" type! It means that unlike in the most water filters of the "closed" type (more than 90% of portable water filters currently available on the world market) NO BACTERIA GROWTH IS POSSIBLE INSIDE NAQWA® SWR! This NAWA patented technology alone is enough to put our product in the leading position on the market. Other important features of NAQWA® SWR are as follows:
  • outstanding quality of water purification;
  • unique water structuring due to the human cell technology utilized;
  • no need to change the cartridge;
  • green product - no chemicals used;
  • high capacity;
  • easy in use;
  • suitable both for in & outdoor use;
  • very affordable price;
No need to change cartridges as NAQWA® SWR cartridges are very easy to clean - just wash them in water with a soft washing cloth for 3-5 minutes. In case of high level of cartridge contamination a small amount of a light acid solution should be used.
According to the product's warranty and if handled properly NAQWA® SWR Drinking Water Recoverer lasts for at least 12 months producing up to 20 000 liters of the top quality drinking water per year which is enough to support about 20 adults a day. In practice our product lasts till its accidental physical damage due to improper handling.
According to laboratory analyses NAQWA® SWR purifies water first of all from most dangerous bacteria and also to a certain extent from other pollutants such as:
  • Colon bacillus: 99,9...%;
  • Siberian plague 99,9...%;
  • Plague strain: 99,9...%;
  • Pesticides: 99,9...%;
  • Heavy metal: 85%;
In special cases and for some territories NAQWA® purifiers are equipped with specially calibrated purifying cartridges to match local bacteria criteria.
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