Driving Safety & Fleet Management

Daviteq - Fuel Sensor

Fuel Sensor

Daviteq's fuel consumption management is one of the must-do activity for every transportation company. It can help customer to detect immediately the event of fuel theft. The fuel monitoring for genset or heavy equipment to make sure their readiness of operation and prevent the Fuel theft.

Remora GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracker

REMORA GPS TRACKER is designed with state of the art GSM and GPS tracking technology. It has the ideal functionality for Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), Emergency Dispatch, Fleet Tracking, GPS Tracking, Remote Asset Tracking or basic anti-theft application.

Winycam - Car Digital Video Recorder

Car Digital Video Recorder

The brand new Winycam offers state of the art format free technology, a super fast start up of just 6 seconds and even records whilst you are changing settings in the menu! With an optional rear camera, Winycam really is the most comprehensive camera to date!