Document Imaging System Products

BookEye - Book Scanner

Book Scanner

Bookeye® is a true scanner solution, not just a digicam mounted on an expensive frame and it delivers professional image results. It was designed specifically as a self service book scanner / book copier for formats 50 % larger than A3 (390 x 480mm / 15.3 x 18.9 inch). With all the features of the larger A2+ model, the Bookeye® is perfect for offices, libraries, copy shops or other self service environments.

MFiles - Document Management

Document Management

Document Management System (DMS) with unmatched ease of use. M-Files integrates seamlessly into Windows Explorer and supports all Windows applications, so it’s immediately familiar to anyone who uses Windows. With M-Files, you don’t need to worry about extensive training or user resistance.

Microtek - Document Scanner, Graphics Scanner

Document Scanner, Graphics Scanner

Microtek is a manufacturer of consumer and professional desktop, film- and document scanners.

Panasonic - Document Scanner, Multi-function Printer

Document Scanner, Multi-function Printer

Panasonic has a large line of document scanners to help businesses transition to digital document management. Panasonic provides document scanners and imaging solutions for all types of businesses.