Jetsci ColorNovo
Digital Label Production Press

The label printing market is going through a transition period where run lengths are becoming shorter and shorter, margins are shrinking and fast turnaround time to market is creating huge pressure on label printers, here ColorNovo bridges the gap between end users, brand owners and the label printers enabling them to print on demand. It utilizes thePiezoDOD inkjet print head technology that enables to print high quality labels at 600 X 600 Dpi native resolution at speeds of up to 70 m/min and up to 330 mm of print widths, delivering the expectations of a label printer in terms of lowest total cost of ownership and fastest return on investments. Digital is the future, so is the Digital press, it comes with the power of printing short to medium runs very effectively and economically, additionally featuring great value of personalization, variable data and security printing in real time production at one go.

  • Printing Width: Up to 330mm
  • Resolution (Native): 600 dpi
  • Other Ink Options: White, Spot, Security etc.
  • Printing Mode: 4 drop gray scale
    • Advanced RIP engine
    • UV LED/Lamp curable inks
  • Speed: Up to 70m/min, CMYK process color

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Web Width 330mm
Speed Up to 70m/min
Substrate 20-200um (label paper supported, other materials - perform test)
Color CMYK + White (optional)
Print Width available 110, 220, and 330
Printing method UV – Piezo DoD - Inkjet
Resolution 600x600 DPI native, @ 4 level grey scale
File format PDF, PDF/VT, TIFF, JPEG, BMP & other data base files
Workflow Advanced color management &RIP solution
Ink Curing Inter color UV LED pinning (optional), Full curing by UV LED / Arc Lamp
Unwinder Diameter 700mm, core 76mm
Rewinder Diameter Dual rewind
Rewind 1 diameter(upper): 450 mm
Rewind 2 diameter(lower): up to 700mm
Other Accessories Flexo stations, cold foil, lamination, die cut with matrix rewind & back scoring, slitting assembly, web cleaner with antistatic, corona treater and web guide
Flexo 1 (optional, prior to print module) Pre digital Flexo for high coverage color, spot color, primer with UV curing (registered or non-registered)
Flexo 2 (post print module) Post Digital registered Flexo for spot color, spot varnish or other post digital press with UV curing
Die Cutting Semi/Full rotary (2”-25”)
Optimal temperature range 20-22 C (68-72 degree F)
Maximum temperature range 20-22 C (68-72 degree F)
Ink storage 36dB/32dB (Normal/Eco. Mode)
20-22 C (68-77 degree F) AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Optimum humidity range 40-60%