Huion K46 Pen Tablets
6″X4″ 2048 Pressure Pen Tablet

Huion Graphic Drawing Pen Tablet Express your inner creativity like a professional artist would have. With 6′ x 4” of Active Area on the Tablet, Huion gives you a thinner but smarter, more sensitive platform where you can show your talent on.

It is easy to install, compatible with windows, Macs, and all major graphic applications as well. With 2048 Pen Pressure Levels, 5080 LPI, 230 RPS it makes you control the thickness, transparency, and color of the line more Responsively and Naturally, and helps you accomplish the most sophisticated Computer-aided Designing, Drawing, Writing Tasks.

With the Huion Digital Pen, you can customize for both hands. The Pen can replace the mouse which brings you lots of convenient. With the USB Interface and our enclosed CD, you just need a Windows / Mac , then you can Install the driver easily by just following the instruction step by step.

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Active Area 6″ x 4″
Pen Pressure Sensitivity 2048(PPS)
Resolutions 5080 Lines Per Inch (LPI)
Rechargeable Stylus Yes
Item Height 6 Millimeters
Item Width 15.2 Centimeters
Item Weight 798 g
Product Dimensions 20.3 x 15.2 x 0.6 cm
Compatibility Windows 8/Win7/Vista/XP/Mac OS 10.8.0 or Later