Grando GDK32-512i-4(B) Solvent Printer
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Grando GDK32-512i-4(B) Solvent Printer


3.2m Solvent Printer With Four Konica 512i Print Heads
Head: Four Konica 512i Print Heads
Printing Width: 126 in.(3200mm)
Ink: Solvent Ink
Color: 4 Colors
Resolution: Maximum 720dpi

The machine manufacture according to the standard of high-precision import inkjet printer High-Performance

1. Configuring professional discharge fixtures, to ensure consistency of print quality and high speed operation of the nozzle security;
2. Rack upgrade, will achieve 3.2 meters all wide high speed printing
3. Computer and keyboard can be placed in the machine 4. Standard Panasonic 400W high power motors, the high-speed printing will be more stable.

Integrated rack make higher take up, feeding accuracy,which ensure that the each of the feed rolls, receipt roll

Balance bar and the feed shaft hold same highly parallel that greatly improve the web feed, receiving quality.

The external configures infrared heating drying system

1.It can be set the heat width to 1.8 m, 2.5 m, 3.2m separately.
2.You can set the heating temperature of the material surface from 35 ℃to 80 ℃;
3.You can set up fan wind size
4.With cold air, the picture will dry immediately after printing
5.When printing stops, the heating stops automatically,After starting the printing, the heating is automatically turned on;
6.Through infrared drying, paint adhesion will be strong,which will improve the outdoor weatherability screen effectively;

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