Duckshin Housing Speed Deck

Duckshin introduces a simplified process of using structural deck
plate to omit the form works and shores. The result is a reduction in project costs by up to 30%.

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Speed Deck

A modular suspended concrete slab deck system tailor manufactured to fabricate the top and bottom reinforcement from a conventional concrete slab into a truss girder. Designed to enable the steel deck to support the wet concrete and construction loads for up to 5.8 meters with no temporary propping. A system designed to save time, money and labour.

Features, advantages and benefits:

• No temporary propping required for up to 5.8 metre spans. Longer spans available
• Saves time and money on projects by enabling trades to access the levels below due to the absence of formwork
• Provides 95% of the steel required in the slab
• Reduced project costs up to 30%
• Reduced suspended concrete slab installation by up to 60%
• Minimal site storage space required

• Certified Concrete Structures as per AS 3600
• Certified Steel Structures as per AS 4100
• High quality galvanized iron sheeting with precision welding to the trusses hold the concrete in place during construction
• Precise location of steel reinforcement within the concrete slab
• Proven tried system

• Capabilities to work with steel, concrete or pre-cast structures
• System to suit different slab designs and applications. Also adaptable to existing designs

• Minimizes steel wastage from the tailor-made design
• Minimizes on-site wastage based on no formwork requirements

Duckshin Hosuing Speed Deck

The Next Generation of Fabricated Deck

The ribs of the sheets are formed in a way to ensure a stronger weld to the trusses, and to prevent spot welds from appearing to the underside of the panels. The concealed weld joints also prevent the potential of corrosion forming to the underside of these panels.

The threefold S-shaped connection structure prevents concrete from leaking in between the panels.

Speed Deck is manufactured by international patented facilities and is the only product that allows for the free adjustment of the truss pitch (200 +/- 10).



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