MRAY Transportable Tranceiver | CODAN

The MRAY is a unique solution for linking multiple analog/P25 repeater sites. The solution integrates Codan’s Envoy™ HF smart radio, an LMR VHF/UHF 30 W Repeater and 3031 Crosspatch™ to create an innovative product that enables long distance communications between two or more P25 repeater sites via a HF link. Download MRAY White Paper here.

Links multiple analog/P25 repeater sites

The MRAY provides both on-site radio coverage, via the self-contained analog or P25 repeater, and long-range linking of the local communication via the included 125 W SDR Envoy™ HF radio. It delivers the distinct advantages of rapid deployment, ease of use, and long distance communications where previously a leased line, microwave or private IP networks were the only options.

Lightweight and rugged

Housed in a polyethylene weather resistant case for rapid deployment, the MRAY’s compact design enables it to be transported in passenger vehicles and commercial aircraft. The MRAY is a complete self-contained solution with optional accessories including a solar panel system, battery case, and antenna and masts.


Enables long distance communications between two or more P25 repeater sites over a HF link, with no backbone infrastructure or satellite link required.


Configurable to different security standards for encryption over the HF and VHF/UHF links, ensuring communications remain confidential.


Easy to configure and requires only an antenna for instant communications and the linking of multiple repeater sites.


Easy to configure to suit any frequency requirements.


Problem: The distance between two or more local LMR radio sites can be too great for typical LMR technology to overcome, which means that the groups of subscribers associated with each site are unable to communicate with each other.

Solution: A HF link crosspatched to an LMR repeater at each site enables long distance communications between two or more local LMR sites — previously a leased line, microwaves or private IP networks were the only option. VHF and UHF cannot provide this link due to the physical nature of propagation.

P25 Network Extension

When groups of people are operating in different areas separated by a large distance, each group requires local communications and may also require communications between the groups, either continuously or as needed. An MRAY will provide local communications as a VHF or UHF repeater system while also enabling the groups to communicate with each over a HF link via activation of the link on their handset. MRAY can easily be transported and re-deployed to new areas and new groups can be added to the network to allow multiple groups to communicate with each other.

Envoy Base Station Solution

The Envoy base station solution consists of an Envoy radio (RFU), desk console, 3020 power supply, 411 Terminated Folded Dipole broadband antenna and cables. The Envoy is the only HF base system with a purpose-built smart desktop console that provides maximum operational flexibility and full remote control capability of all HF radios on your network. Quick to setup, an Envoy base station solution provide provides a rapid link into your HF communications network.

Extended Communications Deployment Area

A group of field personnel in a small area can maintain local communications while also expanding the network over long distances to other field personnel moving outside of the initial communications deployment area using an MRAY. The MRAY is used to create a local communications area with LMR equipment while crosspatching to HF in order to extend long distance communications to other field personnel using HF “manpack” radios. The HF radios can also communicate directly with each other over HF radio links created from manpack to manpack.
Channel Capacity Up to 1000 channels with Envoy™ and up to 32 channels for LMR
Operational Time Up to 66 hours (100 Ah SLA battery),
53 hours (80 Ah SLA battery) or
24 hours (35 Ah SLA Battery)
Temperature Rating –30°C to 60°C
Frequency range HF: 1.6 to 30 MHz 250 kHz to 30 MHz receive
LMR: VHF, UHF or 700/800/900 MHz
Power rating HF: 125 W PEP
LMR: 3 to 30 W
Operating mode HF: Single sideband (J3E, USB, LSB, AM, ISB)
LMR: FM Analog or P25 Digital
RF output impedance HF: 50 Ω (N-type, female)
LMR: 50 Ω (N-type, female)
AC operating range 100 to 240 V AC ±10% 50/60 Hz
System operating voltage 12 V DC nominal (10 to 16 V DC operational)
External DC charge range Battery charge input: 13 to 26 V DC
Battery charge output: 8 A max
Protection Fully protected against supply under/over voltage, RF load open/short circuit/high VSWR
Environmental Designed to MIL-STD-810G for shock and vibration
Dimensions 630 mm W x 495 mm D x 297 mm H (main case)
575 W x 350 D x 230 mm H (power case)
Weight Approx 28 kg (main case with HF and VHF/UHF transceivers and PSU installed),
20 kg HF only, 31 kg (80Ah battery case)
Colour Black or high-visibility yellow