Citec G-Volution

The G-VOLUTION Consists of Flexible Energy Saving Units Manufactured and Assembled with High Quality Components.

By CITEC definition, the ideal precision air conditioning unit should be easily integrated into the most complex of high-tech applications, which is why we have intentionally devised a wide range of configurations to provide maximum design freedom minus the hefty price tag.

With the G-VOLUTION, one can enjoy versatility in terms of fan arrangement, filter specifications, service clearance, network language and protocol adaptability. Our range is also designed to allow for minimal footprint required as all modules can be accessed and maintained from the front.

Our processor is what makes our Energy Saving units the pioneer in energy-efficient solutions for precision air conditioning. In the long term, the G-VOLUTION will provide significant reductions in operating costs as well as shorten remuneration periods.

Citec G-Volution



G-Volution 50Hz Brochure G-Volution 50Hz
G-Volution 60Hz Brochure -Volution 60Hz
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