Precision Air Conditioning

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CITEC scope of products and services in the Precision Air Conditioning industry encompasses a broad base. CITEC offers its diverse clients each with their specific needs, a wide range of designs and models. Its services start from design and manufacturing to product and after sales support services. A full range of consultancy for customized business needs and solutions are available to users from diverse industries.

Highly critical in the various facets of industry, Precision Air Conditioning unit specifically allows precise control of air temperature, relative humidity and air quality. CITEC unique design enables the self-contained unit's microprocessor control with in-house program to perform the functions of cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification and filtration.


  • Strong brand names, proven track record, delivering consistent high performance
  • ISO9001 certified and other global requirement
  • Environmentally safe and ergonomic products
  • Cost saving with latest state of the art components and technology
  • Exclusive access to high quality resources
  • On time delivery
  • Speedy and easy access to distribution networks
  • Guaranteed after sales customer service and technical support


The total precision control of room environment is absolutely vital in the following applications:
  • Computer rooms
  • Telecommunication rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Printing and graphic areas
  • Modern ICT offices
  • Clean rooms
  • Switching stations
  • Hospitals
  • Archive storage facilities
  • Calibration rooms
  • Instrumentation rooms
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