Chemica Neoprint 1791 - Heat Transfers For Textiles
White Matt Polyurethane Media

Heat Transfers For Textiles

Product Description

White matt polyurethane media for use on eco and true solvent printers for heat transfer applications.
Thickness: 80 microns (USA: 3,15 mil)
Carrier: Transparent polyester

Suitable For:

Cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibres.

Application Advises:

1. Printing and Cutting
- Weed the excess material.
- Use a transparent polyester application tape with a high tack to transfer the image (ATT 600). Don’t use a paper application tape or a medium tack one.
- Position and heat press the image on the garment protected by a silicone paper at 140°C (USA: 280°F) – 20 seconds – medium pressure.

2. Heat Pressing
- Prepare the image on positive following the instruction of the printer producer:
• Take care of the printing (45°C – USA: 110°F) and drying temperatures (50°C – USA: 120°F).
• Use the adequate printing profile (for instance, with Roland, select Colorip or Versawork, and then profile GENERIC VINYL 1, and we recommend to select the option MAX IMPACT).


Always respect the instructions mentioned on garments. After heat pressing, wait 24 hours before the first wash.

Washing: - 40°C (USA: 100°F) max. inside out - without bleach or any aggressive washing products.
Dried Cleaning: - No.
Ironing: - Backside.
Storage of the Roll: - Vertically, one year in a dry room, 15-25°C (USA : 60-80°F), protected from sunlight.


Printable media are very sensitive: always handle with care, with clean hands.
Always store the roll in a plastic bag protected from dust.
It is important always using official inks from the printer producer.
Those recommendations are based on our own experiences. We always recommend making trials before starting standard production.

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