Pusher Sorter

The BÖWE SYSTEC Pusher Sorter is suitable for anywhere where sorting needs to be handled reliably in the minimum of space. The operating principle of the Pusher Sorter is as simple as it is efficient. Items for sorting are placed on a longitudinal conveyor belt and transported past a series of transverse pushers that directly push the item off the belt and on to removal conveyors running to the target destination. The BÖWE SYSTEC Pusher Sorter is ideal for small and medium-sized items weighing up to 15 kilograms and it can routinely handle parcels, cartons, boxes and other containers as well as polywrapped mailings. It can also cope with international goods packaged in non-standard ways, sorting them gently and reliably, and dealing with up to 5,000 items per hour. Primarily suited to low and medium sorting volumes, its performance makes it one of the fastest sorters in its class. Despite its compact configuration, this Pusher Sorter has the capability to deal with every sorting and distribution center requirement. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Step-by-step automation

Like all BÖWE SYSTEC sorting systems, the versatile Pusher Sorter is modular in design and can be individually adapted to satisfy any requirement. Its outstanding OCR technology and extensive array of add-on modules such as a barcode scanner, volume measurement or weighing scales make it suitable not just for parcel sorting but for E-Commerce and stock management as well. As a modular distribution system, it offers a step-by-step path to automation by, for example, providing the option to retrofit automatic instead of manual feed.

Efficient entry-level solution

This sorting solution is controlled by BÖWE Sort sorting software. Job and customer changes are greatly simplified and speeded up thanks to the intuitive user interface and the ability to network. Our cloud-based Warehouse Management Systems, which even smaller companies can afford, offer the necessary transparency whatever the process chain and lay the foundations for enhanced efficiency. Simple handling, low maintenance requirements and an attractive price make the Pusher Sorter an entry-level solution into automated sorting that will pay even for smaller companies.

Benefits at a glance

Optimal material flow with the BÖWE SYSTEC Pusher Sorter:

  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Ideal for low and medium sorting volumes and standard formats up to 15 kg
  • Space-saving sorting solution par excellence
  • Within the budget of even smaller companies
  • Rapid installation
  • Simple handling and servicing
  • Modular design can be adapted to individual needs
  • Intuitive operation via BÖWE Sort
  • Maximum supply chain efficiency through integration of Warehouse Management Systems

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