Inserting Systems

Printing and inserting applications are becoming increasingly specific, with more and more variants, whilst individual jobs are getting smaller and the demands placed on production all the greater. As experts in processing printed material, we offer a comprehensive range of inserting machines across a broad performance spectrum – from simple, basic machines to smart, fully automated, high-performance systems for high volume mailings and the most demanding of applications. Whether transaction, direct mailing or promotional mailing, high-performance inserting machines from BÖWE SYSTEC guarantee secure and economical processing of your documents. Numerous features for automating up- or downstream stages offer modern print and post processing centers, lettershops or direct mail service providers the flexibility they need to be fit for whatever the future brings. Take advantage of our years of experience as a mail production center specialist and discover our innovative technologies for inserting and mailing letters or promotional material together with the total control provided by our intuitive app-based software.

Inserting made perfect

Assembling and folding documents, feeding enclosures, inserting them in the envelope, sealing it and preparing the filled and finished letter for franking and distribution by the mail. All this may sound simple and straightforward but automated inserting most definitely is not. Inserting systems for the modern mailroom actually involve highly automated processes designed to deliver reliability and efficiency at the highest security demands. This ensures that all the components of a personally addressed letter are collated in their entirety and with absolute certainty and made ready for dispatch. And that’s before considering the vast range of different formats and materials that the automated inserter needs to be able to process.

The performance and features of the inserters produced by the Augsburg automation specialists BÖWE SYSTEC cover the full spectrum of inserting for very different mail processing applications and volumes. The portfolio includes flexible solutions for the inserting of direct mail, statements, catalogs, brochures, conventional daily post, insurance policies and much more – from simple, basic machines to smart, fully automated, high-performance systems for high volume mailings and the most demanding of applications. Document processing that leaves nothing to be desired.

Fusion Series: Three for all

Offering both the pinnacle of inserting performance and genuine allround capabilities, the machines of the Fusion Series leave nothing to be desired when it comes to format or speed and flexibility. The Fusion Speed, Fusion Cross and Fusion Lite inserters process transactional mail and personalized direct mailings and much more with the highest degree of precision and stability, are outstanding in their performance, and can handle both small and large batches.

The Fusion Cross is a flexible multi-format inserter that processes envelopes from B6+ to B4 and 7 ¾ to Flats and enclosures weighing up to 1 kg at a maximum speed of up to 24,000 insertions per hour. Anyone looking for a jack of all trades will find this one is the master of them all. The Fusion Speed can handle formats from B6+ to B5 and 7 ¾ to 6 x 9 at speeds of up to 30,000 insertions per hour and really lives up to its name. Numerous options to automate upstream or downstream work steps pave the way for higher output, yet lower staffing requirements! The new Fusion Lite offers top of the range technology at a particularly attractive price. Capable of up to 16,000 envelopes per hour, it completes the trio. It, too, uses the Flow-Principle and can handle the complete range of formats from B6+ to B4 and #7 3/4 to Flats, whilst leaving nothing to be desired when it comes to processing enclosures. All three inserters owe their capabilities to their unique Flow-Principle inserting technology, which reduces halts to an absolute minimum and delivers the highest net output in the industry and a smooth inserting process. In combination with smart and intuitive BÖWE Cockpit control software, it is also possible to process large numbers of small jobs virtually error-free and in a non-stop manner. Inserting taken to a new level! The Fusion Series: top of the range inserting, with just one platform for all applications. The only one you will need!

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9G: Processing direct mail & transactional mail securely

Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness are features of the 9G family of inserters. At the entry-level there is the high-speed 9G Basic, which is particularly well suited to jobs involving the processing of a small number of sheets. This compact powerhouse has a footprint of just 12 m2. It offers all the capabilities of a high-performance system despite its small footprint and provides high-performance standards at an unbeatable price. For its part, the flexible and modular 9G inserting system even takes high volume transactional mail in its stride and reaches speeds of up to 26,000 envelopes per hour.Inserting systems for any requirement in the transactional segment!

Intuitive system operation & networked production

BÖWE’s Cockpit allows the intuitive control and simple setup of our inserting systems. Complex programming procedures are a thing of the past, which reduces changeover times significantly. Furthermore, the software keeps training requirements on a minimum level, reduces downtimes and errors. Even the processing of individual small jobs can be turned into profitable, high-speed production. BÖWE One offers a host of central, cross-system functions in the inserting sector. Enjoy the advantages of networked production and optimize your processes across systems and sites using precise, real time data. Database-controlled production guarantees seamless item tracking at 100 percent integrity.