Arm Sorter

The Arm Sorter is one of the most cost-effective sorting solutions on the market. Capable of speeds of up to 2,500 items per hour, it is ideal for parcel sorting and logistics centers processing smaller volumes. Its unbeatable price-performance ratio and modular design make it the perfect solution for smaller depots or hubs. Compact in size, it is able to fit into even the smallest sorting and distribution centers or warehouses, whilst offering straightforward upgrade options that can be implemented at any point as mailing volumes grow. Its specialty is packages, parcels and polywrapped mailings in standard formats weighing up to 20 kg. The Arm Sorter even sorts international goods, which are sometimes packaged in non-standard ways, gently and reliably. Concentrating on the essentials, the Arm Sorter’s simple configuration brings with it a number of advantages such as quick installation and commissioning, simple operation and easy servicing.

Gentle Pneumatic Sorting Process

The design of the BÖWE SYSTEC Arm Sorter is as simple as it is efficient. Items are transported by a conveyor belt to the sorting line, where a series of swinging arms positioned to one side of the belt swing out to direct the item into the right output hopper. The arms are pneumatically driven, which makes the sorting process particularly gentle. The system uses barcodes applied to the items being sorted to automatically determine which arm needs to be swing out in order to direct each item to the right chute or to forward it to a conveyor belt.

BÖWE SYSTEC Arm Sorter Flexible and modular

Its modular design means that this flexible system can be readily adapted to individual customer requirements and to the available space. It also offers a number of additional capabilities such as omnidirectional OCR and barcode reading in order to guarantee the high-speed reading of typed and handwritten addresses. The same flexibility is a feature of its BÖWE Sort control software, which offers individually tailored solutions that independently model each process whilst at the same time being capable of being integrated into an existing system. Cloud-based Warehouse Management Systems create the necessary transparency in the logistics chain, monitor every item at all times and unlock the potential for improvement.

Benefits at a glance

The advantages of the BÖWE SYSTEC Arm Sorter at a glance:

  • Cost-effective system
  • Perfect for smaller depots or hubs
  • Modular design means it can grow as the situation changes
  • Ideal for sorting parcels, packages and polywrapped mailings in standard formats
  • Simplified user controls and shortened changeoover times thanks to BÖWE Sort control software
  • Optimized process chain thanks to BÖWE SYSTEC Warehouse Management Systems

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