Model BV C-Class 48 inches x 96 inches
Heavy Guage Vacuum Former

Now offering PLC or standard controllers newly design for ease of operation and reliability. Shipped completely operational, set up to your specifications for production. Offering a full range of vacuum forming capabilities .... designed for entry level, and production-minded consumers.

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Sheet size 48x96 (122 x 244cm) (Custom sizes available at request)
Depth of draw 22 inches
Fully adjustable material clamping
Tooling table 3 1/4" (8cm) Pneumatic drive cylinder 300lb (136kg) seal pressure with adjustable slotted track for rapid tool mounting
Solid state programmable heat timing unit, coupled with programmable percentage control unit
Heater Panel 63,000 watts infared radiant panel, with size-down option
Vacuum Pump High volume, Hi-vacuum pump, Onboard 60 Gallon surge tank
Construction Post and Beam, Modular Frame System
Recommended for ABS - PVC - PET - Poly styrene - kydex - Poly propylene
Plastic gauges up to 1/4” (.64cm)
Electric Requirements 220 three phase 145 amps