Aristomat GL-Series

The new generation of the ARISTOMAT GL High Speed Cutters captivate through the new, clear-cut design, most modern technologies, non-slip drive, an efficient matrix-vacuum and the easy user guidance with the PC-Software ARISTO CutterControlPanel. These large format cutters are sturdy and robust in their construction and precise and reliable in their work. These machines, developed for long-term running, cut the most differing materials quickly and reliably and have proved themselves.

Essential functions such as manual control or setting of origin can be carried out from any point of the cutter by means of a mobile control pad.

Additionally for automatic processing, the Cutter can be complemented with a conveyor and a winding system.

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Designed cutting table
Impresses with its functional design and concentration on the basic essentials: a from all sides freely accessible work surface, extremely robust traverse bridge with minimal protruding at the sides and belt drive in all axis for slip-free drive. Powerful AC-servomotors and the modern CANBus- steering technique enable the high throughput.

Powerful vacuum technique
Up to 90 controllable zones hold even the smallest of remnants safely on the work surface.

Simmple operating
The CutterControlPanel Software offers totally new possibilities of user guidance. Basic functions, such as hand steering or setting the origin, can be carried out from ny area of the cutter using the mobile operating unit.
Aristomat GL Series Outer dimensions
(WxLxH) mm
Max. Work area
(WxL) mm
Speed Acceleration
GL 2O32-8 2600 x 4220 x 1090 2040 x 3200 max. 2300 mm/s max. 2 G
GL 2072-8 2600 x 8180 x 1090 2040 x 7160 max. 1700 mm/s max.1.5 G
GL 2432-8 2960 x 4220 x 1090 2400 x 3200 max. 2300 mm/s max. 2 G
GL 3232-8 3800 x 4220 x 1090 3180 x 3200 max. 1700 mm/s max. 1.5 G
GL 3252-8 3800 x 6200 x 1090 4260 x 3200 max. 1700 mm/s max. 1.5 G
GL 4232-8 4890 x 4220 x 1090 4260 x 3200 max. 1700 mm/s max. 1.5 G
GL 4252-8 4890 x 6200 x 1090 4260 x 5180 max. 1700 mm/s max. 1.5 G
Input buffer PC controlled
Suitable for material thickness max. 55 mm
Static repeatability ± 0.08 mm/m @20 degrees centigrade
Control circuit and drives Digital AC servo motors
Data format HPGL compatible, with extended command set
GL 20xx, 24xx
GL 32xx, 42xx
5.5 kW or 2 x 5.5 kW pump systems; adjustable matrix vacuum zones
x 5.5.kW or 3 x 5.5 kW pump systems, adjustable matrix vacuum zones
Voltage 3-phase fixed connection, 400 V, 50 Hz or 460 V, 60 Hz; 20 A with a 5.5 kW pump system,
32 A with a 2x 5.5 kW pump system and 50 A with a 3 x 5.5 kW pump system
Interface RS 232C/V.24
Operating Universal control software CutterControlPanel for Windows XP; multilingual: English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Czech, other languages on request. Mobile control pad.