TGX HS-B1390 Laser
80w HSG Cnc Acrylic Wood Laser Cutting Machine

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  • The medium-power laser cutting machine with the highest precision in China, it can cut small metal bike design with size of half a coin.
  • Equipped with original Japan imported servo motor and Taiwan precise ball screw guide rail, highest speed up to 40m/min and accelerated speed up to 0.3g, 120 holes can be cut within one minute.
  • Integrated machine accessories, fast to disassemble, left and right drawers collecting save space.
  • Using self-developed produced high precision new industrial design laser cutting head, with crash protection and full protection.
  • Professional cutting 0.5-6mm carbon steel, 0.5-5mm stainless steel, galvanized steel, electronic galvanized metal sheet, siliceous steel and some other kinds of thin metal sheet.


  • Imported belt transmitting system
  • Upper and lower double blowing systems
  • Going through strict processing treatments: machine body heat treatment, high temperature annealing to eliminate its machine stress, quadrate pipes jointing and gantry milling
  • 1.5 metal,30mm acrylic, 15mm plywood and 12mm MDF cutting
  • Adopting US imported sensor,precise auto-focus laser cuttinghead,can cut metal and non metal matarials
Transmitting System Movable gantry, middle driving
Max.Cutting Speed 24m/min
Reprecision ±0.1mm
Working Power Supply AC220V±10% 50HZ
X/Y PositionaI Accuracy 0.1mm/m
Total power ≤2KVA-3KVA
Temperature 10°C-35°C
Humidity 5-85%
Applied Materials Thin carbon steel, stainless steel(0.5-2.0mm), acrylic and other non-metal materials