Winycam Winner DashCam

The brand new Winycam Winner offers state of the art format free technology, a super fast start up of just 6 seconds and even records whilst you are changing settings in the menu! With an optional rear camera the 'Winner' really is the most comprehensive camera to date!

Format free file system

Effective memory management without SD card format

By changing from conventional Time division method (fixed file size) to Space division method (efficient using the SD card capacity) of memory, avoid memory fragmentation in advance that extend the life of the memory card.

The quickest booting & video recording

Based on a powerful system performance, reduce the initial boot-up time to the maximum. Only 6 seconds booting from the vehicle power on to recording file creation. No faster Dash Cam than Winner.

AHD (Analog HD) Rear camera

Maintaining HD image quality but fully free from the navigation signal interference Normal HD images are sent by digital signal which may cause interference with the GPS signal such as navigation but Winner originally prevent the signal interference as it send the HD images with analog HD (AHD) signal.

User-friendly Excellent 3.5 inches full touch screen

and easy-to-use interface and intuitive design.

Possible to check recording status with large screen high-definition LCD on the spot and convenient operation by touch screen. More intuitive and convenient GUI design – Windows-style menu design readable and easy to use

Secure and stable Dash Cam with the best heat emission design, high temperature protection and 3-axis shock sensor

Radiant heat design of Winycam Winner has ability to preserve the video image from -20 to +85 degrees (Operating Temperature : -20˚C ~+70˚C) X,Y,Z 3-axis precision G-sensor is built in to detect the most minute of shock automatically

No more discharge due to vehicle Dash Cam!

Lowest standby current (dark current) in Korea and effective power management

Winycam Winner does not need to install any voltage cut off device but prevent battery drain with voltage detection. Usually dark current of Dash Cam is 10 ~ 50mA Winner has the lowest dark current consumption 300uA (1/10 of a commercial product) in Korean Dash Cam, it realize battery discharge free.Winner also has its own voltage cut-off function without installing any power safety device to prevent discharge and it provides 3-wire power cable as option.

First in the world! Features available only with Winycam! Automatic file & disk error recovery and notification

Winycam has the world’s most unique feature of automatic file repair and notification system in case of failure in error repair. The system automatically detects and alarms disc fragmentations to prevent the slowness and operates in normal condition without various possible errors.

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Product Features

  • 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Format Free Technology
  • Super Fast 6 Second Start Up
  • Optional Analog HD Rear Camera
  • User Friendly 3.5″ LCD Touch Screen with Windows Icons
  • Front 5Mega Pixel CMOS sensor
  • 3.5inches touch screen LCD
  • Front FHD + Rear HD
  • 2CH : 20FPS/30FPS
  • Shock detector sensor (G-Sensor) Built in
  • External GPS Module (Option)
  • Security LED & Voice Guidance

Installation of GPS option enables to identify my driving record accurately. User can identify easily GPS/G sensor information through dedicated PC viewer of Winycam. The program is included the Micro SD card provided and can be downloaded from Home page( Because it is stored as AVI file, playback is available on general video players, which is not a dedicated viewer, and also on smart phones. (However, compatibilities with a smart phone goes model by model) It is possible to determine the direction of impact on the XYZ axes on the dedicated viewer and more accurate understanding of the situation is available such as checking driving information with the support of goggle map and speed information, if GPS option is installed.

Watch WINYCAM video clip just like watching movie.

Maximum 30fps on 1920 *1080 FHD high-definition [number of frames can be changed depending on the type of recording]

Model Winner
CPU ARM® Cortex-A8
Flash Memory 128MByte NAND Flash
RAM 256MByte DDR3
Recording Channel 1 or 2 Channel
Camera Front : 5M Pixel @/ Rear : 1M Pixel COMS image sensor
Image Quality Front : Full HD (1920 x 1080P) @20pfs / Rear : AHD (1280 x 720P) @30fps
Memory Micro SD Card (up to 64GB opt)
View Angle Front : 92(H) x 67(V) x 120(D) / Rear : 89.9(H) x 64.9(V) x 120.3(D)
GPS External GPS Module (Option)
Power Input DC 12V~24V
Battery Super Capacitor
G-Sensor 3D Shock Sensor
Video Format AVI
Video Output NTSC / PAL
Voice Recording Built-in high sensitive microphone
Voice Guidance Built-in speaker
Video Compression H.264 / AVC
Audio Codec ADPCM
High Temperature Cut-off Yes
Breaking Voltage OFF, 11.4V(23.1), 11.6V(23.4), 11.8V(23.7), 12.0V(24.0), 12.2V(24.3)
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~+70℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~+85℃