Honeywell 960 is a magnetic contact type reed switch that can be safely utilized for door opening monitoring. Its rugged aluminum housing can sustain extreme weather conditions while installed outside of a trailer or value asset with door. A simple on/off signal alerts the owner when the door is being opened or closed. In conjunction with Remora tracking device, a remote alert can be sent for authorized/unauthorized open action in specific zone areas.

Ideally, the working distance between the sensors is 64mm. In some cases the installation object, such as trailer with metallic plates, might reduce the sensitivity. It is strongly suggested to test the appropriate gap using a resistance meter. If the resistance is infinite, that means the sensor cannot detect the other part. Make sure the resistance is small (less than 10 ohms) in order to trigger the tracker input.

The door sensor comes with 2 wires: Red and Black. These two wires will be short-circuited when both sensors are near, and it will be open-circuit while sensors are apart. Inside the part with wires, it is a reed switch controls the short circuit or open circuit between the red and black wires. Next page contains a logical diagram for the door sensor operation.

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  • XTP contacts withstand surges up to 2400VDC
  • The toughest commercial contact ever developed
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Completely immersion proof (epoxy sealed)
  • 3' (91cm) armored cable is standard
  • Wide gap of 2-1/2" (64mm) is standard
Switch Type: Form A (SPST) Reed (960)
Form C (SPDT) Reed (960-2)
Contact Rating: 100ma @ 28VDC