PID Pre-Insulated Ducting System

The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry is in the midst of a dynamic era. However, air ducting, a critical component of HVAC systems, has remained virtually unchanged since the early 1900's. Several factors and recent innovations have introduces the need to revolitionise air ducting. Building materials and insulating products have dramatically improved. Requirements for clean air are becoming increasing stringent. Energy costs have continued to escalate. Changing fire and smoke regulations have raised the standards for compliance.

PID is pleased to present a revolutionary approach to insulated ductwork. The PID Pre-insulating System is like no other insulated ducting. It is the most advanced and innovative System of Pre-insulated ducting air distribution ductwork available in the world. The PID Pre-insulating System of pre-insulated ducting is a proven, easy, innovative product providing a new perspective in the field of air distribution.

The third generation System virtually elliminates all the problems of traditional metal ductwork while at the same time offering extra advantages to both the consulting engineer and the fabricator/Installer. The System is the clera leader in the new generation of insulated prefabricated ducting and has already proved itself in the highly competitive global marketplace.

What's different about the PID-insulating System? Traditionally, ducting is made of sheet metal which is installed first and the lagged with insulation as a second operation. The PID Pre-insulating System comprises pre-insulated ducting with aluminium surfaces in a single fix.

The PID Pre-insulating System comprises duct sections fabricated from polyisocyanurate insulation panels and joinesd together with proprietary jointing systems.

    - Installed cost can be up to 10% cheaper than sheet metal ducting
  • 15% of the weight of sheet metal ducting ]
  • can be installed quickly by two people
  • single fix fast track installation
  • no lagging required
  • 4m long segments rather than1.2/1.5m
  • fewer sections and less handling
  • can be installed twice as fast as un-lagged sheet metal ducting

  • - Can yield electrical consumption savings of up to 20%
  • air leakage isa a fraction of sheet metals
  • best available thermal insulation
  • provides the optimum energy saving and enviromental solution.
  • - Space saving- can be installed flush to ceiling

    - 100% CLEAN AIR . Fibre-free -suitable for food processing ,pharmaceutical,medical and other clean air enviroments. Aesthetically pleasing apperance suitable for open-to-view applications

    - Excellent strenght-to-weight ratio and impressive moisture resistance -suitable for rooftop installation.

    - Installed only by specially trained fabricators

    - Class O fire rating and negligible smoke emission.


    The PID Pre-insulating System has a single fix installation ,by virtue of the elimination of the lagging operation, reducing site time and contractor management. The ability to manufacture 4m long segment rather than 1.2/1.5m long segments in the case of sheet metal ducting means fewer sections and less handling . This coupled with increased support centres and ease of handling results in the a fast tract installation. The PID Pre-insulating System can be installed twice as fast as sheet metal ducing - not even taking lagging into account .Faster installation obviously means lower costs and no work disruption for other trades.

    Energy Efficiency & System,Running Costs

    The Superior insulation properties of the PID polyisocyanurate insulation panels combined with minimal air leakage of the PID Pre-insulating System yield signi ficant electrical consumption savings of up to 20% because of reduced heting and cooling loads. The PID Pre- insulating Sytem provides the optimum energy saving and enviromental solution in comparison with other ductwork systems.

    Installed Cost

    The installed cost of the PID Pre-insulating System can be up to 10% cheaper than sheet metal ducting.

    Light Weight

    The expectional strenght to weight ratio of ductwork fabricated from the system results in ductwork that is easier to handle and quicker to install. Weighing up to 85% less than sheet metal ductwork as a second fix. This can save up to 150-200mm/6 “-8” of valuable space.

    Most of older buildings involves in refurbirshment projects are not designed to support the additional weight of insulated sheet metal ductwork. The PID Pre-insulating System generally alleviates the requirement for additional structural support.


    The PID Pre- insulated Ducting System can be installed internally ,externally,concealed above a false ceilng or visibly mounted It can be installed in a very high temperature and relative humility ambient operating conditions. The PID Pre- insulating System can be installed in residential ,commercial and industrial applications and also for special applications such aas food industries ,pharmaceutical,special clean air applications and hospitals.


    The PID Pre- insulating system is space saving by virtue of the elimination of space for the lagging or the lagging operation above the duct. PID Pre-insulating ducting can be installed flush to ceiling. This typically save 150-200mm of valuable space above a false ceiling. Thinner insulation, because of the incomparable insulating efficiency of the PID polyisocyanurate insulating panel, further contributes to increase space savings.

    Installed by Trained Fabricators

    The PID Pre-Insulating System is installed only by specially trained fabricators. Comprehensive training guarantees uniform excellence. All registered contractoes attend a specialised training course to ensure that uniform quality standards are maintaines. An official certificate of competency is awarded to all trainees who successfully complete this training program.

    The course combines both theoretical and practicals concepts:

    • Air flow dyanamics ,pressure and velocity
    • Basic techniques in cuttibng and duct design
    • Construction of a wide range of sizes and shapes
    • Utilisation of aluminium profiles for duct reinforcement ,duct jointing and connection to sheet metal ductwork components and plant
    • An introduction to project cost estimation


    PID Pre-insulating ductking is very strong ,does not require bracing for any size and is self- supporting,PID polyisocyanurate insulation panels are capable of being permanently formed to require shape and duct integrity under operating conditions and limits covered by “The PID Pre-insulating System Design Guide”. Ducts of largerv sizes and ducts subjected to high pressures may requires additional stiffening as specified within “The PID Pre-insulating System Design Guide 'to avoid deflection.

    Air Quality

    The airstream through the hermetically sealed PID Pre-insulating Sytem flows on only alaminium abd does not have any contact with a material that; produces loose fibre suited for high specifications projects, providing good and facilitating the sheet metal ducing are in the general environment then into recirculation systems and back into air handling system.

    Air Leakage

    The P.ID Pre- insulating System technology, the fabrication methodology combined with thw patented jointing system and the complete line of bespoke accessories produce a System where the air leakage is reduced to a fraction of that found with sheet metal ducting. The PID Pre-insulating System easily meets the air leakage requiremets of HVAC DW 144-Class C (high pressure). Sheet metal ducts to achieve the air leakage requirements of class C.


    The PID Pre-insulating System is aesthetically acceptable in open to view applications.