Available in a 1250ml bottle (or in a 25 litre drum for workshops and tyre bays) it is designed for use in –

  • Vans and other Light Commercial Vehicles of less than 5 tonnes
  • 4×4 vehicles that also travel at high speed on road
  • Caravans, horse boxes, boat trailers and other light trailers
  • Standard cars

KO On Road LCV tyre sealant is suitable for use in tubeless tyres only. Do not use in low profile tyres of 40 profile or less, tyres of V rating or faster, wheels/tyres fitted with internal TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems), or with chrome wheels (chromed finishes are very fragile and any chemical may damage them: OKO is safe for use with steel and alloy wheels).

OKO helps keep tyres at their correct pressure, for safer driving & fuel saving. It lasts for the legal life of the tyre. OKO instantly seals multiple punctures with minimal loss of air or sealant.

It is easy to apply with the valve core remover and filling tube supplied in every bottle: so don’t wait until you are stuck by the roadside – get proper puncture protection.

n Road 4×4

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