NBS is a leading developer and provider of card personalization, EM V compliance/migration, and smart card manufacturing. When it comes to smart card solutions, NBS Technologies is a global expert. With nearly 40 years experience in the financial card space, we have gained a deep understanding of the EM V market by performing countless installations and delivering comprehensive services.

NBS Xpressi Instant Issuance Software supports existing mag stripe applications and provides EM V smart card issuance at branch level. Ideal for quickly issuing replacement or new financial transaction cards, Xpressi offers a secure and flexible approach to branch workflow and central operations integration.

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  • Reduce customer wait times from days to minutes
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing quick replacement of lost, stolen and damaged cards
  • Maximize customer face time at your financial institution

  • Eliminate card delivery failure due to theft
  • Reduce fraud impact of stolen cards

  • Create account lift with instantly available cards
  • Enjoy “top of wallet” benefit with unique personalization capabilities
  • Increase opportunities to cross-sell other financial products

NBS Xpressi Instant Issuance Software makes EMV/chip card branch issuance easy to implement.

Xpressi offers full operational flexibility by supporting multiple EM V/chip card configurations, chip types and printer brands.

MULTI-PLATFORM INTEGRATION Xpressi supports web, thin client and branch platform integrated deployments. The HTML interface provides access to card issuance capabilities at branch level and integration to centralized data preparation and key management in the financial institution’s central operations infrastructure.

MULTI-PRINTER SUPPORT With support for most major card printers, you can use your existing card printers and card embossers with Xpressi.

INTEGRATION TOOLKIT Xpressi’s integration toolkit facilitates development of branch issuance applications that tightly integrate with existing branch and banker workflow and processes.