LITUM RFID Asset Tracking Solutions

Litum RFID Asset Management Solution (LRAMS) is a solution developed specifically to manage your Asset through the use of RFID Technology. This is a canned solution from Turkey which is vastly used over 30 countries worldwide, some of these countries are Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc.

Now, with American Technologies, Inc. (ATI) partnership with LITUM, we are bringing-in such advance technology in the Philippine market. As the sole partner, ATI aims to provide significant RFID Solutions which aims to solve various problems in the industries, one is Asset Management. These solutions aims to:

  • Fasten Inventory Time Spent – RFID technology does not require line of sight compare to a barcode, which enables user to go through the assets by simply swiping the RFID Handheld device around the area.
  • RFID = SMART Identification – RFID has memory which helps the user readily identify which asset is misplaced or missing.
  • Added Security – With RFID, users can now monitor assets that were not properly taken out from a certain area.

In general, the LRAMS is:

  • User friendly, professional, dynamic and has a modern user interface
  • Vector Interface: Allow intuitive, responsive and effective user experience
  • Supports Multi-Language (English, Chinese, Arabic, etc.)
  • Report Animation: Modern reporting interface, graphical representation
  • Selective Module Access: user can assign module access which only accessible by its degree of authority
  • Selective Access on Function under a module: admin can assign access onto functions from a certain module
  • Individual User Management: user can assign allowed activities (see, edit, delete, print)
  • Associate user account and employee account
  • Individual tracking asset application which provides:
    • Manage assets with master data
    • Manage assets with details: expire date, cost center, purchase information, maintenance & calibration dates, vendors, etc.
    • Print Barcode with system features
  • Import existing database through excel or direct integration with the legacy database (MS Access, SQL, SAP or ORACLE)
    *Though our partner can directly create integration with existing legacy database, it will require ADDITIONAL COST

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RFID Asset Management System Applications

  • Returnable transport asset tracking
  • IT asset tracking
  • Retail asset tracking
  • Tools tracking
  • Airport asset tracking
  • Bank asset tracking
  • Manufacturing equipment tracking
  • Furniture tracking
  • Office asset tracking
  • Hospital asset and medical equipment tracking

RFID Asset Tracking & Management System Benefits

    ✔ 90% reduction in inventory time compared to manual processes
    ✔ Improved ROI
    ✔ Automated inventory control: improving asset location and inventory accuracy
    ✔ Improved regulatory compliance
    ✔ Improved safety: preventing loss & unauthorized asset movements
    ✔ Streamlined internal auditing and reporting
    ✔ Improved asset utilization and availablity
Asset management with vital details: cost center, location, maintenance, vendor, invoice number, purchase date, cost, insurance, expiration/retirement date
Real-time asset inventory
Quick inventory (20 times faster counting compared to barcode systems)
Identifying misplaced items
Identifying assets with overdue maintenance, repair, calibration
Document & photo attachments to assets
Asset check-in, checkout to a department, employee, location
Asset history
Interdepartment transfers
Compatible with barcode and RFID
Seamless operation with mobile and fixed readers
Geo-fencing limits asset activity, alerting you when assets leave or move
Web-based software that integrates with SAP
Pre-designed label templates make printing easy
Optional cloud hosting
These modules are then divided into various functions designed to provide full management capabilities for the users.
  • Master Data Module serves as the ADMIN Back-end access. On this module, the ADMIN creates categories which can be used for the Management Module Set-Up. This is where the ADMIN can declare necessary categories for asset types, departments, employee database, printer, locations, etc.
  • Assign and select RFID Location for Fixed RFID reader set-up
  • Hierarchical category to diversify extra specifications
  • Hierarchical location and department according to building architecture
  • Management Data module serves as the main user interface. On this module, the user can view, add, and delete the actual asset lists.
  • Add Floor map plan on location, pin asset on location
  • Attach any document on asset: invoice, receipt, document, image of asset, stock detail, excel, etc.
  • Tag assets compatible with Barcode and RFID Tags
  • Flexible asset tagging options (through Printing Tags, and manual tagging from the handheld)
  • Count, search and locate assets, identify misplaced items
  • Works seamlessly with M3 UHF RFID/ ATID 880 Mobile Device and Impinj R420/R220 Fixed Reader
  • Provide extensive filter feature with specific columns
  • List assets according to user account and this associated employee name
  • Fast response time to user and flexible search system
  • Manual Transfer for assets
  • Custody transfer in between each employee
  • Issuance of Basic Transmittal form (Printable) which to be signed by the new employee custody
  • Define one or more inventory and manage this inventory session
  • Handheld Application
    • Connect offline data for places without Wi-Fi
    • Connect data online
    • Synchronize with database with Wi-Fi Connection
    • Login Authorization
    • Tag new assets that include Asset List, Search asset according to asset no. and description and Asset info detail
    • Read asset information
    • Inventory with location-based that include Total Count, Found Count, Extra Count and Missing Count
    • Can read Barcode and RFID Labels
  • Also known as Executive Dashboard, this module enable end-users to view KEY Statics of your assets according to the categories designed from the Master Data module.
  • Shows complete graphical representation of reports
  • Graphs can also be filtered according to user’s category choices
  • Enables printing of reports
  • Enable export/save reports on various format (PDF, CSV, XLS, XLSX, TEXT, IMAGE, XPS, HTML,MHT, RTF files)
  • View history reports like transfer, custody, asset status