Ideal solution for VDP

Integrated with Konica Minolta 1024i Inkjet Printhead Monotech System own manufactured, Jetsci K Series, prints variable data accurately and economically at high speeds. Barcodes, text, number, images and other printed variable data comes out very sharp and of highest level of quality with 100% readability and scanability. Systems can be integrated easily to customer's existing production line and they can add digital production system to their conventional workflow.

Standard equipment has an industrial controller built and designed according to the 24x7 production environment with pre-installed advanced VDP software to print data in real time. Bespoke projects can be undertaken where the systems can be configured as per customer's requirements like number of colors. higher speeds, resolutions and print widths.

  • Barcodes & 2-D/QR codes
  • Variable text
  • Logical and sequential numbers
  • Logos and variable images
  • OMR and litho codes
  • Custom fonts and symbols
  • Micro text and security features
  • Full or part page variable data

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Print Head Konica Minolta 1024i Series (Piezo DOD)
Print Width mm Multiple of 72mm
Print Resolutions 180, 360, 720 DPI
Speed Up to 180m/min
Drop Volume 13 pL (8 Grey scale)
Ink Type UV Curable, Water Based Dye/Pigment
Ink Tanks 2-10 Litres (Custom Sizes Available)
Standard Color Monochrome
Ink Options Black, C,M,Y, Spot, White, Varnish, Security inks
Recommended Substrates Paper, Coated, Glossy, Films, Plastics, Polyester, Aluminum Foils, Labels, PVC, Carton, PET, Tyvek, etc.