Gearless Direct Drive B2Green HVLS Ceiling Fan

HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) is the new solution of energy saving to solve the cooling or ventilation problem of large space. Our large energy-saving ceiling fans comes with maximum diameter of 7.3 meters. This HVLS Fan takes only 1.5 KW or less power to cover at least area of 1,450SQM, which is equivalent to the effect of 30 small fans. and helps thermally equalize a space by moving air in the most efficient way possible. The fans use their long airfoil blades to move high volumes of air at low speeds, which provides a balanced airflow without the kind of disruptive air movement that could blow the hat off of your head. The end result is a gentle breeze that circulates the air, improving comfort and indoor air quality. This puts less demand on HVAC systems, reduces moisture, and, most importantly, makes the occupants of a building feel more comfortable.

The fans create comfort which ultimately leads to human wellness. If you have ever been cooped up inside a building with stale and stagnant air, you are aware of how that feeling can slow you down a bit. In contrast, if you have worked in a building that has good air movement and ventilation, you can find yourself being more motivated, productive, and collaborative.

How does the HVLS fan works?

HVLS Fan has combined the physics of slow-moving air with complex principles of aerodynamics to create an efficient, economical and environment friendly solution for large spaces. High Volume Low Speed fans move large volumes of air at low speeds over very large areas. The fan blades produce a massive column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions, creating a deep “horizontal floor jet” that ultimately circulates air up vertically and gets drawn back through the top of the fan. The result is more consistent temperature control, improved airflow/circulation and improved energy efficiency. In cooler months, the HVLS fan operates in reverse, circulating hot air trapped at ceiling level and creating a warmer and consistent mix of air throughout the facility.


From facilities as large as industrial warehouses to buildings as small as specialty coffee shops, SUNTECH HVLS fans in various sizes (2.0m to 7.3m) are being utilized—seemingly everywhere—to create environments where people want to gather and thrive.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Total Solutions Combo of HVLS fans wall exhaust fans and roof ventilation

Total Solutions Combo of HVLS fans wall exhaust fans and roof ventilation

  • Unique high density rare-earth permanent magnet with inner-rotor structure with IPM sealing technology, no demagnetization, no fracture
  • Independent hub loading mechanism, safe and reliable
  • Natural cooling, direct heat conduction, low temperature rise, quick heat dissipation
  • Servo motor direct drive, gearless unit, quiet operatian, pollution free
  • High power density, compact size and light weight
  • Sealing structure design, high protection grade (IP64)

Technical Features of Fan Blades

  • The airfoil shaped blade design is inspired by the helicopter propellers, capable of generating large air volume with low noise, conforming to aerodynamic CFD principles

  • The 5-blade design has better dynamic balance with the asymmetrical axes, creating better 3D natural air-delivery

  • Aviation grade, aluminum magnesium blades are extruded with 11 reinforcement ribs inside, subjected to T6 heat treatment resulting in anti-corrosive, highstrength, high toughness, fatigue resistant blades for superior safety

Installation Conditions

B2Green HVLS Ceiling Fan
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