Specially used for cutting thin carbon steel / stainless steel and other metal plates (not recommended for non-ferrous metals) can be cut coins the size of the bike.

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  • Perfect golden ratio between machine body and gantry assures better dynamic performance and acceleration speed.
  • Global first innovation, simple integration design with minimum space-covering for same level machine.
  • Ultimate beauty of every detail: there are 2 humanization containers beside machine body to put mirror, nozzle, wireless remote control.
  • 600℃ heat treatment, 24 hours cooling in the oven, 12 meters gantry milling, accurate CO2 protection welding, to make sure 20 years' running without deformation.
  • Auto collimator: to test guide rail straightness, assuring the accuracy for each set of machine. UK original laser interferometer: to test machine precision, making compensation and adjust error.
  • Domestic initiative Gas Pressure Auto-checking, Low Pressure Piercing, Gas Auto-swithing. Original servo motor imported from Japan, Taiwan ball screw, rail and speed reducer.
  • Unique date sheet for perfect cutting with various materials and different thickness. High precision laser cutting head.
  • Class-leading high precision: cutting bicycle as samll as 1/5 of a coin, reaching ±0.05mm high precision. Perfect cutting for 6mm carbon steel.
  • Highest speed among all factories with same level, cutting 400pcs circle/min. There are 800 sets M3015C fiber laser cutting machines running steadily all around the world.
Transmitting System Precise ball screw transmitting
Max running speed 40/min
X/Y location precision 0.05mm/m
Power Supply 380v 50Hz
X/Y repeated location precision ±0.05mm
Machine gross power < 10KVA
Running Temperature 0°C-40°C
Running himidity < 90%
Max. accelarated speed 0.3G
Applied Materials Thin mild steel, stainless steel and other kinds of metallic sheets