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FCS Interlocking Bricks

It’s nearly impossible to construct good looking buildings without additional cost. Yet Interlocking Brick achieves that goal. It’s an accomplishment of engineering as much as one of design. Using the Interlocking Brick building system, you may save cost by eliminating formworks for reinforced concrete column and beams, plastering and painting costs, reducing many workers, steels and cements. Constructing column and beam without the needs of plywood formworks as well as eliminating the plastering works, weather proof construction, are ones of the key factors why it may be finished faster than conventional construction.

FCS Presentation
FCS Interlocking Bricks

FCS Interlocking Bricks

It’s as easy as A-B-C & just so easy to learn

Any builder or even any layman may learn how to build using this system in a matter of a day or two. Since the interlocking brick system still using bricks just like the conventional construction method, it’s not hard to figure why it’d be so familiar with the builder.

  • Fast. No plasterworks, no formworks, less rebars and easy to install.

  • Cost. No material wastage and less labor costs.

  • Stronger. Load bearing, 2,000 to 3,500 psi.

  • Architectural Finish. Eye catching finishes like, English, Tropicana, etc.

  • Green Building. Smart architecture, zero carbon and cooler inside.
  • Full size with 300mm length, 150mm width, and 100 mm height

  • Brick can also function as sloof pairing, brick ring, and also suspended brick with an adjusted span.

  • Concrete Brick has a hole below, to bond sloof and foundation.

  • The weight is 7 kg (full-size) and 3.5 (half-size)
  • It doesn’t need wood for bekisting

  • Quicken the construction process

  • Better stability

  • Makes stronger walls

  • The gap can be filled with ossification iron, resulting in a better construction

  • The gap can also function as a good heat insulator

  • Electrical and water pipe installation can also be used in the gap

  • Resistant to Weather, impact, and abrasion.

  • Better Brick Quality

  • Can be easily installed to the wall.

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