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Ecosh Waterless Urinal

  • The valve completely seals up after the last drop of urine flows through to prevent the backflow or urine or nasty odor from the drain pipes or sewer.
  • May clean with water or mild detergent
  • Change after about 100,000 uses(Recommends once a year valve change: Needs to change the valve may increase or decrease depending on the number of uses and maintenance quality.


• HangAri(Jar) Shaped. Gently carved concave inner wall prevents splattering of urine.
• Specially Coated Inner Wall. Our specially coated urinal allows urine to flow easily and fast to leave the urinal dry.
• Uses ABS - 100% Fully Recyclable. Prevents accidents. It is lighter and much durable than ceramic products. It has good impact and heat resistance. It is the same material used in auto parts and motorcycle helmets.
• Cost Effective and ECO-friendly. Odor-less and Zero water consumption.

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