ACS 400V is a dedicated HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) drive. In a compact package it offers reliable control performance, First Environment EMC filtering and an easy to use text panel – everything that is required in standard HVAC applications. Commissioning is easier than ever; just set the motor parameters and the drive is ready to start. ACS 400V fulfils the requirements of several applications, thanks to the different operation modes with I/O hard wiring.

Belonging to the range of DriveIT Low Voltage AC Drives, ACS 400V benefits from the ABB proven technology and reliability. A unique set of services is also included to ensure that the entire process from drive selection to world-wide support and warranty is as straightforward as possible for the user.

As a dedicated HVAC drive ACS 400V offers an easy way for saving energy in pump and fan motors. By replacing mechanical control with the ACS 400V a typical energy saving of 30-50% will be achieved.

Benefits for the customer:
  • Tailored product for the HVAC applications with connection instructions and diagrams
  • Easy to use while providing full functionality
  • Minimizes installation and commissioning time
  • No cabinets needed for electrical room installations; applies both for IP 21 and IP 54 units
  • Gives good protection for motor and process
  • Environmental aspects considered: energy saving eco-efficient product
  • Reliable and proven ABB quality
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