ABB Conceptpower DPA 500 480V
Today’s data centers require continuous uptime. That target is why ABB’s Conceptpower DPA 500 is based on Decentralized Parallel Architecture (DPA). Only a truly redundant architecture like DPA allows online modules to be swapped out while the system is running. Each high-reliability, standardized module is self-contained and can be swapped at any time, so nothing has to be ever switched off – making routine maintenance safe and easy. Conceptpower DPA 500 is designed to secure continuity of critical operations for large and mid-sized data centers, server rooms and other IT applications. It also protects industrial automation processes, healthcare facilities and many other vertical markets where operations are of a critical nature.

Total vertical and horizontal scalability The Conceptpower DPA 500 delivers power protection from 100 to 500 kW (one to five modules) in a single cabinet (vertical scalability). Cabinets can operate in a parallel configuration to build a system of up to 3 MW (horizontal scalabiltiy).

Designed with maximum flexibility and redundancy at its core for the standardization of power protection. In a data center, power distribution systems have historically been oversized to meet the redundancy requirements. The Conceptpower DPA 500 UPS was designed for datacenters and other high power applications that require redundant configurations (for example N+1, 2 (N+1), etc.). Adding redundancy for increased availability comes easy with the advanced scalability within the Conceptpower DPA 500 UPS. Conceptpower DPA 500 complements and completes the datacenter power distribution system for ABB, providing customers with a centralized power protection solution.

True parallel architecture This advanced UPS design provides the highest degree of protection in critical applications where the load must be fed with quality power. The Conceptpower DPA 500 utilizes decentralized parallel architecture and ensures the highest level of reliability and availability with true redundancy across modules. Each module operates independently, containing all hardware and software required for full system operation, creating complete redundancy within the unit. Each UPS module has its own independent static bypass, rectifier, inverter, logic control, control panel and battery charger. With all the critical components duplicated and distributed between individual units, potential single points of failure are eliminated.

The lowest total cost of ownership The Conceptpower DPA 500 boasts a low cost of ownership compared to other UPS systems by offering energy efficiency, scalability and ergonomic design to enable easy serviceability. It can be sized to align closely with prevailing IT requirements, but can be added to incrementally as IT needs grow. This means that you only power and cool what you need. The resulting savings in power usage over the service life of the UPS are substantial.
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99.9999% (6 nines) availability
  • Decentralized Parallel Architecture
  • Replace or add modules with no downtime
  • Short mean time to repair
  • No single points of failure

Cost effective "right-sizing"
  • Scalable up to 3 MW
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability

Low total cost of ownership
  • Up to 96% true online efficiency
  • Eco-mode efficiency ≥ 99%
  • Small footprint / high power density
  • Unity power factor (kW = kVA)
  • Low input harmonic distortion (THDi < 3.5%)

Efficient service concept
  • Simple power upgrade
  • Fast maintenance
  • Reduced spare parts needed
  • Full front access

General data 

 400V IEC  480V UL

System power range

100 kW – 3000 kW

UPS module rated power
100 kW

UPS cabinet rated power

500 kW

 300 kW / 500 kW

UPS output rated PF


Parallel configuration

500 kW Cabinet:
Up to 5 modules
in one cabinet
Up to 6 cabinets
in parallel/3MW

300 kW Cabinet:
Up to 3 modules
in one cabinet
Up to 4 cabinets
in parallel/1.2MW

500 kW Cabinet:
Up to 5 modules
in one cabinet
Up to 6 cabinets
in paralle/3MW


3ph + N + PE

3ph + PE

UPS type

Modular, Decentralized Parallel Architecture (DPA)


Online double conversion

Serviceability Front access only


 400V IEC  480V UL

Nominal input voltage

220/380, 230/400,
240/415 VAC

3 x 480VAC

Voltage range

<  100% (-10%,+15%)
<  80% (-20%,+15%)
<  60% (-30%,+15%)

Frequency range

35-70 Hz 

60 Hz

Current THD at 100% load

< 3.5 %

Power Factor at 100% load



 400V IEC
 480V UL

Rated output voltage

220/380, 230/400, 240/415 VAC

3 x 480VAC

Voltage THD (with linear load)

< 2 % 


50 or 60 Hz (selectable)

 60 Hz


 400V IEC  480V UL

Online double conversion

Up to 96%






User interface

Graphical touch screen (one per frame as standard) Decentralized LCD + mimic diagram (one per module as standard)

Communication ports (optional)

USB, RS-232, potential-free contacts, SNMP
RS-485, Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP, Bacnet

Customer interface (400 V IEC only)

Remote shutdown, gen-set interface, external bypass contact


 400V IEC  480V UL


IEC/EN 62040-1

UL 1778 5th edition, CSA C22.2 No. 107.3-14 3rd Ed.


IEC/EN 62040-2

IEC/EN 62040-2 C3


IEC/EN 62040-3

IEC/EN 62040-3


ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004

ISO 9001:2008